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Chop the Beard

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This cause has been deeply set on my heart for the past few months. Over 20 million people, of which more than half are women and girls, are trapped in human trafficking and modern slavery. As a parent, and now expecting my daughter to arrive in a few weeks this fact hits home. Modern slavery is so hard to come to terms with that it’s at times easier to ignore or feel like there’s nothing we could do against such a big problem. I felt that way for a long time - but there are small steps we can take!

I'm raising money for the Hope for Justice program with the Young Living Foundation: 100% of your donation goes towards rescuing victims of human trafficking and helping them to recover as strong, confident leaders. Every cent really does help save people's lives. Hope for Justice works on-the-ground to identify and remove victims from traffickers, supports their mental and physical recovery, campaigns for policy change, and empowers people at risk with prevention education.
✂️ At the end of my fundraiser, I'll be shaving off my beard in a live video for some lighthearted fun amidst the seriousness of a very real problem. I'm deeply thankful to everyone who helps reach our goal either financially, in prayer, and, or through expanding knowledge and awareness of human trafficking.
If that’s not motivating enough... my daughter really doesn’t need her first photos ruined by this hairy mug!


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