$299 of $33,333 GOAL


We love that you want to be part of A333Life Community! We care here about many causes, and right now, we are coming together to help us all live in a world where everyone is free. All money raised here goes to the Young Living Foundation, to support it's partner HOPE For JUSTICE. 100% of your donation through this fundraiser will go to rescuing and help those freed move forward to become strong, confident leaders. 

Our goal is $33,333. How will we get there? With us all doing a little, we can do a lot! We ask that if you feel INSPIRED by our community, and the free Meditations, and Presentations that you make a $33 donation! When we grow to 1000 free members, we will have met our goal! Amazing! However, know that whether you donate $1, $10, or $100, every cent counts and helps, so yes, you can donate as much as you want and can! Thank you for your support!

Click here to learn more about the Young Living Foundation's partnership with Hope for Justice.