$200 of $500 GOAL

African Hearts

In America, $20 doesn't do much. In Africa, $20 can save a life.

Perhaps even better, in this African slum called Kisenyi, where children are fighting for survival, $20 can give HOPE.

This organization, African Hope, touches my heart. Many of these kids are orphans. They are in pain, struggling for each day's existence, sniffing glue and taking drugs to numb their hunger pangs and the drudgery of another hopeless day. Let us pray for these young people who are so difficult to reach.

They are the most difficult to reach, but there is still hope, even in these horrific slums.

The difference is in the organization African Hearts, which is partially funded by the Young Living Foundation. We have the ability to give kids hands-on help in the form of food, clothing, and even education.

Please consider helping the Young Living Foundation boost their efforts and give these kids a childhood they may never otherwise experience.

The Young Living Foundation recently rescued two boys from the streets and shared their story last weekend at the local Young Living get-together here in Austin. They showed us a video and a picture of the boys, safe and sound. One of them asked to be photographed sitting on his new bed, complete with a mosquito net. He looked so happy and beautiful! What a smile!

What else can you do today? Inform your friends, fans and followers about the street children of the world. April 12 is the International Day for Street Children. Please share this story with the hashtag: #StreetChildrenDay.

Thank you, dear friend. You and I can really make a difference here.