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Allessence Holiday Charity Raffle 2020 新年慈善籌款抽獎


Oh, 2020 has been a quite a year !  Let’s wrap up this year with a Holiday Charity Raffle 2020 in Hong Kong. It’s a time of giving and sharing. We are calling for your donations to The Young Living Foundation, while having a chance to win wonderful raffle prizes sponsored by some of our amazing Young Living members. 

The Young Living Foundation's mission is to protect and empower our world's young. Since 2009, the Foundation has been focused on giving those living in disadvantaged situations with the tools and resources they need to unlock possibilities.

100% of your donation will go directly to providing an impact to those in need. All of the administrative costs are covered by Young Living, so whether someone donates US$1, US$10, or US$100 to the Foundation, every cent counts and can make a difference. 

Every little bit helps! Please join us!

Best Wishes to all of you and Happy New Year!

哦,2020年是一個相當難忘的一年!接近尾聲, 讓我們藉此機會給予和分享給那些有需要的人。 我們呼籲大家向Young Living基金會捐款,同時換取 “新年慈善籌款抽獎” 券, 有機會贏得由我們一些Young Living 慷慨會員贊助的精彩獎品。

Young Living基金會為資源匱乏地區提供健康與教育機會,幫助人們實現潛能,掙脫侷限,活出自信與能力。我們眼中希望的世界是兒童能擁有必要資源與機會,成為充滿自信、能自力更生的領袖,他們能掌握自身的健康,養活他們的家庭,並正向積極地改變他們的當地社區。

您的100%捐款完全用於支持基金會項目。Young Living支付所有行政費用,因此,無論捐贈1美元、10美元或100美元,每一分錢都很重要。

祝大家新年快樂, 身體健康!


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