$3,492 of $25,000 GOAL

Battle of the Bros - Team Jacob

Hello, everyone! Your support at VIGC was AMAZING! Even though we couldn’t be together, I could still feel everyone’s energy and that energy is what’s making a difference around the world. That energy is how we were able to raise over $1.2 million dollars during VIGC for the Foundation. That is astounding. To help this momentum continue forward, and to continue raising funds for the Foundation outside of Convention, my brother Josef and I are having a friendly competition.

The competition is simple. Who can raise the most money for the Young Living Foundation from July 1-31. We have a combined goal of $50,000!

To make it exciting, the brother who raises the most in donations at the end of the month gets to SHAVE the other brother’s head! 

To make it even more exciting, for every week that we raise $10,000 or more, the brother who raises the most towards the $10k goal will do a fun activity, and the brother who raises the least will have to do a chore. We want our members and friends to send us activity and chore suggestions on social media.

So submit your suggestions, be sure to follow me on Facebook @Jacob Young and Instagram @jacob_g_young, and check out the competition on my brother’s Instagram page @josefdyoung. Remember to show your support for #TeamJacob by using this hashtag.

Please join me in spreading awareness while taking part in a fun, daring, and friendly competition between Josef and me. Share this fundraiser with everyone you know so we can blow this goal out of the water AND so that I can shave Josef’s head.I love being able to support the Foundation because I’ve seen firsthand how many lives we have impacted together. I know our job will never be complete until we have protected and empowered all the world’s young, and that’s a big goal. 

So, join me in helping spread this awareness and raising funds for the Foundation!Every donation and every penny makes a huge difference.


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