$10,925 of $20,000 GOAL


Oh, how Gary Young loved the students and staff of the Young Living Academy!

He celebrated their accomplishments and encouraged them to work hard, keep a positive mindset, and never quit. Even though they can no longer look him face-to-face or embrace him, they carry on his legacy every day by making a difference in Ecuador. 

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has brought challenges to this beautiful country and the Academy. The start of the school year, which is traditionally in April, has been delayed. Just like Gary modeled for them, the staff took the obstacles in front of them head on! 

They adapted with a plan for teachers to move forward with a distance learning program until the country reopens schools. 

They ensured all teachers have chrome books to lead their classes and have worked diligently to find solutions to keep students learning.  

Internet is challenging in the low-income environment of Chongรณn, Ecuador, where most of the students reside.  In addition, just like the U.S., not every family has access to a computer or tablet.

This fundraiser will help raise funds so the Academy can provide 52 families with a broadband, Internet option and 20 families with YLA tablets.

Education matters more now than ever! Please help the Academy provide an equal learning opportunity for each of the students by investing in their education today. 

Thank you for your love and support!  


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