$2,000 of $10,000 GOAL

End Slavery Now

Join me in supporting a cause I love and help us live in a world free from slavery! I'm raising money for the Young Living Foundation and 100% of our donation through my fundraiser will go to rescuing victims of human trafficking and helping them move forward to become strong, confident leaders. Whether you donate $1, $10, or $100, every cent counts and helps. Thank you for your support!

Our family has made it our goal to raise $10,000 for this cause by the end of 2019.  

Our two daughters (Alora - age 10, and Lily-Rose - age 6) raised $336 towards our family goal in 2018.  They sold baked goods, sold things at garage sales, and donated their birthday to the cause. They realize that they have a very blessed life and they have a desire to help kids who do not even have freedom!  (They do not understand the concept of the "sex trade."  But, they do understand the concept of children being held against their will, and forced to do things they do not want.  And they feel pain for the child they know is being beaten. They can imagine what it must be like for those kids to be taken away from your family and not be sure if you will ever see them again!)

Click here to learn more about the Young Living Foundation's partnership with Hope for Justice and the fight to end slavery.