$191 of $200,000 GOAL

Amount if all milestones achieved: $373

Fit for Freedom

Welcome to Fit for Freedom!!! We are SO excited to be bringing you a brand new fundraiser for the Young Living Foundation, that will also help YOU work towards any fitness goals you may have!

Our heart behind this fundraiser is that we want to gain freedom by working towards better health, and at the same time work towards blessing and empowering others so that they can gain freedom from opression, disease, lack of education, etc.

The fundraiser goes from September 1, 2019 to May 31, 2020. You will be able to create your very own "account" within our fundraiser on the Young Living Foundation website, where you can set goals or "milestones" for yourself, and you will be given a special link where you can ask your friends and family to make a pledge towards your goal.

Whether you are wanting to lose weight, run a marathon, run a 5k, or simply have accountability on working out a certain number of days each month, you will be able to tailor your account to fit YOUR goals!

Our goal is to have 1000 participants, and raise $200K, but we KNOW that Team YL can BLOW these goals OUT of the water!! Am I right??? So PLEASE, share this with YOUR Young Living team, and make sure we spread the word far and wide! You do not HAVE to be a Young Living member in order to participate, but it certainly is the icing on the cake! ;-)

Let's DO this!!!