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Food for Families

Hey friends!

Chris Plummer here. I hope this message finds everyone safe and sane during these unpredictable times.

I was fortunate enough to attend Platinum Retreat in Ecuador last November, the experience changed me. It was a trip that I will never forget, as it completely redirected the purpose of my life. I made a promise to myself not only that I would go back every year and contribute, but I would fight for those students the rest of my life.

Michelle Inchiglema (Member Relations Manager at the YL Foundation), Melissa Griffith (Marketing Manager of Global Philanthropy), and I had a conversation on Monday about the current situation at the Academy and what we could do to help the kids and their families.

Long story short...

A HUGE part of the YL Academy is providing healthy meals for these kiddos and this needs to continue even though they aren't attending school in person. 

The solution...

Andrea Ollague, who manages the Young Living Foundation in Ecuador, has set up a food delivery service so that groceries will be delivered to the student's homes twice a month. These deliveries will be made to 220 students and their families!

What we can do...

Roughly $5,000 a month will make sure they get all the nourishing food they need....but we can do better than that!

Let's raise $40,000! Sounds crazy, right? This is totally doable. All we need is 800 people to donate $50. That is it. That is the ask....$50. That's right, 50 bucks.

What I need from you...

$50 or whatever you are comfortable pitching in would be FANTASTIC!  But, where I really need help is spreading the word. Facebook, Insta, Twitter, or whatever platform you are on!

Let's get this VIRAL in the YL world and see what we can do for these amazing students!!

I would love to partner with you and share it with your YL peeps and your network of humans. Let me know how I can help. I'm happy to go live in any of your groups and even do a ZOOM with your team to share about the foundation and my experience in Ecuador with these kids at the Academy. I might drop some business knowledge as well. 

Remember -- 

100% of all donations go directly to the Young Living Foundation. 100%. Young Living covers ALL the administrative costs. Every single penny of what you donate goes where it needs to go. Also, your donation is a TAX write off! We all need more of those.

TOGETHER we can crush this! Be one of the 800!!

I’m happy to jump on the phone or a ZOOM if your looking for more specific details.

Please feel free email me or send me a DM on Social Media if you’d like more information or have any questions.

forward together,


Contact: plummer77@gmail.com


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