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I am empowered by my choices

Won't you join me in supporting a cause that TRULY makes a difference?! Hope for Justice has helped hundreds of girls in Cambodia rebuild their safety and freedom... because the truth is, unfortunately thousands are trafficked EVERY DAY in Cambodia.  

Please join me in supporting a cause that is BEYOND worthy: a world free from slavery and trafficking! Do you know how rare it is to find a non-profit that covers its OWN admin costs (versus using donations to cover admin costs)?

That's why I feel really positive raising money for the Young Living Foundation! 100% of our donation(s) through this fundraiser will go to rescuing victims of human trafficking and helping them move forward to become strong, confident leaders. Whether you donate $1, $10, or $100, every cent counts and helps. Thank you for your support!

Click here to learn more about the Young Living Foundation's partnership with Hope for Justice and the fight to end slavery.