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Match Magnolia

Inspired by the story of a magnificent 10-year-old girl, we're asking you to donate $10 in February to Match Magnolia today. Match her donation. Match her effort. 

For the past year, Magnolia collected pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars—any spare change she came across. She saved up a total of $10 and recently donated it all to the Young Living Foundation. Magnolia has had very difficult life. Her father was a military veteran with PTSD and struggled to care for her and her siblings as a single father. When she was 5, her father was killed in a motorcycle accident while turning into the driveway. Magnolia watched it happen. 

She has since been adopted by Young Living Silvers Mindy and Rob Glantz, who describes Magnolia as being generous and kind. She loves to read, ride her bike, and play soccer. Magnolia’s oil of choice is Release. When she grows up she wants to do search and rescue.