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Sole Sister- Emily Griffith

In August of 2012, I discovered the organization, Sole Hope. I had no idea what a "jigger"was, why they were damaging and the importance of having a safe, clean place to remove them that offered after care.  Learning about the pain and suffering that jiggers can cause, broke my heart.  So the service that Sole Hope brings to the people of Uganda pulled at my heart big time.  

When I found out they offered a service trip I knew I wanted to go one day. I would read updates, follow them on social media and stalk the Flickr account for photos.  I always noticed the smiles. Those smiles, the big, huge, joy-filled smiles always captured my heart.  For years I dreamed about going to serve the people affected by jiggers, in Uganda.  It really has been a dream of mine.  But I knew I couldn't go until my kids were older and more independant.  

Fast forward to a few months ago, when I got a crazy idea to apply for the 2020 Uganda service trip.  I didn't really think I would get picked, but decided to apply anyway.  I knew they receive hundreds of applicants every year and so many people, like me, want to go and serve.  I took a chance, and applied! Oh my goodness, friends, I was chosen!  I cannot even put into words how excited I was to get my acceptance email!  It was like someone poured a bucket of happiness all over my heart.  I could hardly contain myself- I still can't type this without grinning so big.

Today, I paid the deposit and secured my spot for September!  For the next several months I am raising money to cover the $3500- the cost of the service trip.  All donations go directly to the YL Foundation and are tax deductible.  I would be honored and blessed to have you support me on this service trip.  I cannot wait to join a team of people and love, play with, laugh with and serve the people of Uganda, this truly is a dream coming true!  

I would covet your prayers for the September 2020 team, the organization Sole Hope, and for the people we will serve. If you aren't familiar with the Young Living Foundation, or Sole Hope please use this site to find our more or read below about Sole Hope, their mission and purpose.  

Thank you so much for any & all support.  Prayers, sharing this site, and financial support are all appreciated!  You are a blessing to me! 

About the Young Living Foundation and Sole Hope: 

In 2015, The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation partnered with Sole Hope to help tackle a debilitating issue in Eastern Uganda by empowering children through wellness and education.

Thousands of Ugandan children and adults are victims of parasitic insects called jiggers. A female jigger will burrow into the feet and multiply by the hundreds within the soft tissue of the skin. The resulting wounds can become so excruciating that normal childhood activities—such as walking, running, playing, and even attending school—can be significantly limited.

Many people in Uganda believe that jiggers are the result of witchcraft or a curse, and they think there is no hope for those who are impacted. This social stigma often keeps people from seeking immediate help. Furthermore, hospitals often turn away jigger patients. Without the education and tools Sole Hope provides, this cycle would continue.

Individuals with the worst cases of jiggers are brought to the Sole Hope Outreach House, where they receive extensive, around-the-clock care. Each day they receive treatment for jiggers and other medical conditions. They also receive education, so when they return home, they are empowered to treat any future cases of jiggers themselves. This program has been so successful that the Foundation is funding the building of a new Sole Hope Outreach House that overlooks the Nile River!

With Sole Hope, we believe that the 200-year jigger tragedy in Uganda can be reduced and systematically wiped out—and you can help with this positive transformation!


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